Workshops and Trainings

Our workshops and trainings can be tailor-made for small teams or for hundreds of employees. With a clear purpose, we always integrate proven tools that work and are easy to implement. With SPEAK, participants will learn and practice how to communicate complex messages confidently, in an engaging manner and create the greatest results!

Workshops and Trainings

Among other things, you will find the answer to these questions:

  • What is my story and what makes it unique?
  • What are the ‘secret ingredients’ that turn a good story into a mind-blowing, jaw-dropping TED talk?
  • How can I tell my story in an extraordinary way?
  • How to tell a story in twenty seconds?
  • What are the top tools to use when delivering a message (even if it’s complicated), to achieve the ultimate results?
  • What is the essence of a message, how do you pin-point it, prioritize information and create an effect that leaves the audience begging to hear more?
  • What does a meaningful self-presentation look like and how is it done?
  • How do I leave a lasting impression and make people remember me, even when I’ve already left the room?
  • How to connect with people authentically and build relationships that work?
  • How to say more and write less (on the slide)?
  • What are the key principles that you MUST know,
  • How to structure the content, before presenting it to the audience?
  • How to capture attention and engagement in a “we’ve already donated” world?
  • Transitioning from a ‘donation’ mindset to a ‘investment’ mindset in a social change context.
  • Who do we approach and how to SPEAK with them?
  • What are we communicating, even if it didn’t come out of our mouth?
  • What is the difference between “trying to be” and- just “be”?
  • How to convey charisma on stage, while enjoying it too!

These are just some of the questions that will be answered, practiced, and implemented in our workshops.

Personal Coaching & Private Sessions

Have you always dreamed of standing on a TED stage? Do you have a fascinating story or brilliant idea to share, but also have no idea where to start?
During our laser focused 1:1 process, we will dive into your story, discuss the “what” and the “how,” and create an unforgettable TED talk from scratch!

Did you get the stressful task of presenting at the upcoming professional conference, delivering an important speech, or pitching to investors? Have no fear, you’ve got this! During our laser-focused process, we will understand what’s crucial, what’s interesting and how exactly you’re going to create a concise and captivating pitch that wins it!

You really want to get the job… but you know that there are dozens of other candidates and- your mission is to stand out!

During our personalized coaching process, we will focus on creating a memorable self-presentation strategy and practice how to tackle challenging questions. You will then bring in your personal touch (with elegance), so that no matter who came in before you or after – YOU will be the one getting hired!

Do you need to deliver a professional presentation at work or give an important talk? Together, we will define, refine and professionalize your messages in such a way that no one will even think about checking their phone while you SPEAK.

Have you been feeling a burning desire to take all that knowledge and passion that you have, and turn it into a workshop? How do you transform ideas and concepts into a structured class that provides practical value for your audience?

Workshop & Content Development coaching creation is a collaborative and exciting process. Together, we can take any(!) content and turn it into an engaging, intriguing, and meaningful workshop.

Do you often feel that there is a gap between what you want to convey and what others perceive or feel from you? Do you have a lot to say but find that you are afraid or refrained of saying it out loud?

Confidence and charisma are qualities that can be learnt and acquired! Even the most experienced speakers practice them!

During our tailor-made coaching process we will uncover your authentic presence and learn how to convey it confidently and charismatically, in front of any audience, any interaction and any situation.

How can you maximize your management skills and the organizations’ potential? How can you lead your teams to better results? During our 1:1 Coaching process, we will identify your strengths and capacities, enhance them and learn how to leverage interpersonal communication to create
the necessary changes.

Additional Services

TDI HOLDINGS has been recognized as one of the top five Israeli companies, with the most influence in Israel-Slovakia relations. The company provides entrepreneurship and real estate services and serves as a logistics center distributing cosmetics products throughout Europe, with a focus on Slovakia and the Czech Republic.
We are here to connect the Israeli Start-Up Nation with Europe, provide Israeli technologies access to Slovakia and manage all required assets and investments.

Slovakia’s strategic location and its growing and developing economy, offer tremendous opportunities for Israeli entrepreneurs and investors. We lead business delegations to the Congress Center in Košice and set the ground for on-site collaborations. Our delegations are experts in: Trade, Commerce, Agriculture, High-Tech, and more.

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